Is Greg Taylor good enough for Celtic? In a word, yes. Why wouldn’t he be?

Taylor is 21-years-old and even though he has shown himself to be a quality defender he still has age on his side to develop into a top talent before moving on for a significant amount of money.

Isn’t that the kind of player the board like to go after? At such a young age he already has 131 appearances for Kilmarnock under his belt as well as 20 appearances for Scotland, albeit mostly at under age levels.

He isn’t a project. He isn’t someone to be sent to run a round a training ground with the U21’s and he isn’t a player we should miss out on. He is a seasoned left back who can also play on the left side of midfield and he has a strong knowledge of the SPFL, in fact it’s the only league he has experience off and it’s that very fact that should make him a desirable commodity for Celtic.

Any ‘settling in’ time would be slim (if needed at all) and he is most definitely first team ready. Kilmarnock supposedly knocked back a £500,000 bid from Nuremberg of the Bundesliga in July this year and quite rightly so. That’s not much cash for a player who shows great hunger and passion for the game and he is someone who most certainly has the desire to play at the highest level.

Why wouldn’t Celtic be the ideal platform for his development? Forget the idea of signing him and loaning him out for a season, this lad is ready to rumble and would not be out of place at Lennoxtown with our first team squad or at Paradise on match day. If he were called Gregorio Tayloroso and was playing in another top tier European league many of our fans would be raving about him and showing dismay at the board for lacking ambition by not chasing him. Greg Taylor is on our doorstep.

He wouldn’t have to move house, he wouldn’t have to learn a new language but he would need to learn how to write ‘SPFL Winner’ after his name! Hail Hail

Chris Best


  1. They would rather spend 3.75 million on a useless foreign mercenary than 1 million on a 21 year old Scottish international.

  2. I am sure we could have asked the same question about signing someone from the top division in Austria and we would have said yes ” this would have been before we signed Boli obviously ” we have seen it before with supposed to be good players,sometimes playing for Celtic is just to much for some, Taylor I would say would be a wait and see.

    • I think Boli has played at LB a few times but he looks more like a very good attacking left sided midfielder i think a good LB behind him would make the left side very strong with another four signings i do think we will have a strong in depth squad and i think the manager has not yet picked his best 14 yet that he can give game time week in week out to…


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