Celtic players and social media go hand in hand these days. A lot of players overly use it in some instances. However, the silence today is deafening when it comes to any of them coming out and wishing Brendan Rodgers well.

Even Scott Brown, who had an excellent rapport with the Celtic manager has not come out and wished the manager well publicly and none of his players, not Sinclair, Tierney, Bain and even Boyata have taken to social media to wish Rodgers well.

This tells you everything about the way the former Celtic boss left the club and how the players were caught as cold as the fans by all of this.

Celtic stars are trying to get their heads wrapped around the profound change in the last 24 hours as they get set to take on Hearts at Tynecastle.

Knowing Broony as we do, he will have the players primed and ready to go out and do this for the fans at Tynecastle. We hope the bhoys can pick themselves up off the floor after the cheap shot delivered by their former leader.

It’s very telling that there is radio silence from the players who have apparently been brought up not to say anything at all if you have nothing nice to say.


  1. I am amazed that so many celtic supporters were taken in by the ‘I have always been a Celtic supporter’ nonsense that Rodgers spouted in the first place. He never set foot inside Celtic Park until he was an adult and was related to celtic supporters he was never a fan himself. He has always been a vain and arrogant man who is out for himself and no one selse. You must be blind if you did not notice this. He has done very well at Celtic but it shows you the low staus of Scottish football that despite all of this success he cannot get a bigger job than Leicester and he knows this is as good as it gets. But he is arrogant enough to believe he can do well there and then ditch them for something better at the drop of a hat. As long as he doesn’t suffer a mental breakdown like he did a Liverpool. I remember him literally falling apart live on Tv for weeks before he was sacked. I used tolook forward to his ramblings in interviews after terruible results. He was hilarious.

  2. Just get on with the Job at hand forget BR he said he took the club and that means the players as far as he could,so show him what he is missing he may be in a new job but how long or short they last some times…do it Celtic lets do it as one,,,

  3. The guy dumped his wife for a dolly bird so walking out on the player’s and fans would have been easy for him the money grabbing narcissus I want him to fail so badly now.

  4. Ah well. if only we knew. Unlike some, I was impressed on the invincibles display. He did well up to that point. However the second treble was fragmented and the cracks, allbeit small ones, did start to appear. This year I hoped he would be strong and take us to 8 and a treble treble. It was not to be and he is now cut loose to show what he can do when there is big money to use.
    BR knew from the off that money was a commodity that was scarce at Celtic, regardless of who and what was available. Rodgers was more akin at this stage to what sevco needed, someone who spends, spends, spends.
    We have a stroing team and, I am looking forward to getting some youngsters on the park, and less loanees on our books, Roberts excepeted.
    On to Lenny, he looks keen and has the credentials to take us onto 10IAR, remembering, he started it after all. Let’s get a good win at Hearts, and look forward to more success.
    Over at sevco, boy gerrard will wonder what hit him when he faces Lenny. Rodgers was a pussycat in comparison to Lenny the rottweiler. HH


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