Oh the horror, the indignation, the fury behind Celtic getting a penalty at Motherwell last night and the seemingly flippant response ‘of course they got a penalty’ is ringing loud today.

Celtic’s unbeaten run was in jeopardy last night and with just three minutes left on the clock Callum McGregor was brought down in the box and a penalty awarded.

Scott Sinclair delivered from the spot and Celtic took a point away from Fir Park and stretched their unbeaten run to 66.

This left some people very angry, ‘Celtic being helped out with a penalty AGAIN’ they cry.

Of course with the final still fresh in the memory, people seem to think Celtic get joy from referees on a regular basis.

Anyone spewing at the decision from last night will probably not know that it was the FIRST penalty Celtic have been awarded in the league this season. Yes, we’re just about to go into December, 14 games into our campaign and the highly attacking Celtic have just won their first penalty.

This goes against the perennial moaners out there who are trying to portray that Celtic are somehow getting a leg up in the competition. We didn’t need one on Sunday and we don’t need one this morning.

We must not get fouled in the box a lot!




  1. Why should we even Care or Give a F…. what any of these parasites say regarding penalties or Anything else for that matter.Its Our Club,Glasgow Celtic puts a healthy wedge in every other Club in the Premiers hand,Everytime we get into the CL…The SMSM or Any Other Bitter Twisted Irrelevant Bellend can say,Whatever.GIRUTLOT….HH Mon The Tic.

  2. Perfect aticle,an article i wish would be(but won’t be) shown on mainstream media because it would torpedo any argument our rivals put forward,especially since Sunday,that we frequently get awarded penalties when we are struggling to win.
    Struggling to win is something we have barely done,especially since Brendan took charge.
    But most importantly the video clip shows how wrong Muggerwell’s and others claims that Scott Sinclair is a diver,as the clip proves he evades two of Ambroses fouls in the box,staying on his feet before succumbing to the third foul.All three challenges on Sinclair should have resulted in a spot kick but none given.

  3. An other interesting fact is our “benefactor” last night in awarding the penalty was non other than W.Collum the referee who denied us the stonewaller against Hibs in the clip above.


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