STEVE CLARKE has inevitably been linked with the Celtic job but many are dismissing the link already because of Clarke’s strong feelings on the West of Scotland sectarianism he’s experienced first hand.

It was two years ago when Clarke was abused by a group of Rangers fans and at the time he stood up and defended himself. He then thanked Chelsea for getting him out of the West of Scotland bubble and allowing him to ply his trade down south where his family are alien to the kind of stuff we see regularly in Glasgow.

That’s what many are pointing to when they believe Clarke wouldn’t take the job for that reason. Even though he was a Celtic fan in his youth.

However, in December, the boss was keeping his options open when it came to his next move in football. He guided Scotland to their first major tournament in two decades but is unsure if he will land a new contract this summer after the Euros.

“Long-term? I haven’t thought too much about it. I’m comfortable in the position I’m in. If they (SFA) want to come and offer me a new contract then fine; if they don’t then fine.” Clarke told Sky Sports at the end of last year.

“If something else comes up? Then I’ll deal with it as and when it comes up. But at this moment in time, I’m just looking forward to those World Cup qualifiers in March. Hopefully a really good start, and obviously the tournament in the summer will take care of itself.

“That’s what you do the job for – to be as successful as you can. You want people to notice that you’re doing a good job. And if the players on the pitch are producing for me then that makes me look like a better manager. So that’s great.”

Could he or would he have a change of heart if approached for the role? That’s the million dollar question.

Right now, there’s a scattergun approach in the media to who could be the next Celtic boss because we simply don’t know what they’re thinking.

There’s not a tangible bit of information anyone can grab onto at the minute which would give us any inclination which way Celtic will go in their search for a new manager.


  1. Look if the Money is right he brings in his own staff and he gets deal like BR Steve Clarke will be the next Celtic manager you can bank on that, and if Celtic are not talking to him now then some one needs sacked..

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