Brendan Rodgers has brought back some “Celtic Way” football over the past three years. Not to mention the massive trophy haul. The notion that some Celtic blogger should be preaching about three things that need to change is ridiculous.

But here it goes.

This isn’t some knee-jerk “sack the board” reaction to a defeat yesterday. These are three things that have cost us points this season.

  1. Fire V Calm
    The calm Brendan Rodgers has talked about over the past 3 seasons has won him more games than we have lost. It has won Celtic seven trophies in a row. It’s the best mentality for his teams and his style of play to operate. However, every now and then it needs to be ditched. Calm lost to fire yesterday for 90 minutes. We were blessed to go in only one nil down at half-time. I thought we would have seen a fired up Celtic coming down the tunnel in the second half, but it never happened. Neil Lennon’s Hibs beat Celtic with the same fire only weeks ago. It needs to be an option.
  2. We are not Barcelona
    If Celtic are playing triangular passes around their own box and the opposition team is allowing it, fine. Yesterday Craig Gordon, Boyata and Lustig failed at this tactic every single time they tried it. It nearly cost Celtic 2/3 goals. If it is not working, ditch it. I watch Barcelona every week, even Ter Stegen and Piqué get caught sometimes. The problem is Gordon is not Ter Stegen; he plays suicide passes around our back line that give fans heart attacks and encourage opposition players. Why the back line stuck with this yesterday for 80 minutes is insane.
  3. Form Over Experience
    We shouldn’t forget the Celtic boss has had a torrid time this season with injuries. Some of his team selections have been forced on him. The best Celtic have looked this season in terms of their play has been when their experienced players were out of the team. The midfield trio of Rogic, Christie, and McGregor produced the best football. Surely we must get back to that as soon as possible. Anthony Ralston has looked like the best right-back Celtic have this season, despite only playing a handful of games. We’ve lost more goals down the right-hand side of the park than I can add up, especially in Europe. John Mcginn recently said his Hibs team were told to target Celtic’s right back position as a weak spot.

So it’s like we are doing things terribly wrong, but some of our tactical play needs a plan B. Celtic have enjoyed three years of record-breaking domination, but we need to evolve a bit too as teams come up with ways of beating us tactically.


  1. First and foremost in the derby we need to put down markers all over the pitch that we wont be bullied. We need warriors and footballers. Not one without the other.
    Mental toughness is needed in abundance.
    Every player needs who comes through the doors at celtic park needs those qualities. Fancy Dan’s aren’t worth a shite to the club when your in the heat of a battle.

  2. Ok they beat us on the day we where poor it was like the hearts game we where poor and they beat us,look it took six years for them to beat us and the next time we meet its a home game for us and i am sure we will beat them look we have a game in hand and a run of some good home games when we come back it could turn out to be a case it would have been better if they had beat us in the Scottish cup game that way they may have had a chance of winning some thing this season,now we need some new faces and get this show back on track lets get the dead wood out and in with the new do it Celtic bring in the changes….

    • I agree brown needs to sit out games now look at the games he did not play in or came on as a sub the LC was a happy team and the games he brown was out hearts again the players where playing for each other McGregor Christie are much better..cand he changes to make room for them can BR see this we had a winning team with out those two and go back to first hearts game like this one same players…

  3. Broony has given alot he is 33 and alot of miles done . He was trying but the game just ran away from him.
    Ntcham was a disgrace he should have stepped up and given Brown a dig out.
    He has youth on his side and Brown needs lads to lead by the example he has set over the years.
    And Sinclair spent more time on his arse than his feet.
    We need lads to step up on days like yesterday.


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