You could take the clip below out of last year and place it in this year when it comes to The Rangers being so far behind Celtic and Sutton getting a rise out of Gers pundits.

During the below clip, Alex Rae’s face is a picture as he listens to Sutton absolutely smash home why The Rangers have failed and the deflection tactics which were used to try and save face after a failed league campaign.

A year on and we’re in the midst of a shutdown due to a worldwide pandemic.

Before the shutdown we were getting the usual noises and after the shutdown they’ve got a whole lot louder.

Take a look at the video below and Sutton taking the club to task.

Absolutely brilliant. Chris Sutton continues to fall out cheerleaders. He might be an ex-Celtic man but he’s quick to criticise his old club when he feels they deserve it. That can’t be said for others.


  1. Rae the runt is a wee waster. He can’t take the flack for his wonderful team who languish 13 points behind the masterful Celtic. You can hear the fear in his pitiful retort to the master of punditry. He stammers and squeals ‘Celtic Cheerleader’ to Chris Sutton, to appease the klan.
    Rae the runt, and the rabid dogs, sent to rubbish the Celtic are a disgrace to Scottish football. Take it on the chin, Slippy and Whiskey Mac and Bealer Beale are garbage. They have so much experience (aye sure) yet have failed so miserably. Take your second-hand manager and his muppets and head south, try to pretend this didn’t happen, nobody will believe you, honest they won’t. You have failed to impress. Two years and not a trophy. one win over the mighty Celtic, Duffers the lot of you. BYE.


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