BBC Sportsound released a clip of their show from Monday evening where the three men’s outright discussed how exactly you stop Celtic from winning ten in a row.

It was like a strategic war room meeting where the phrase ‘on the wrong side of history’ was used where a sobering realisation that Celtic were very much on for the ten and there was nothing that could be done about it.

Kenny Mac and Tom English especially were picking over the bones of The Rangers SPFL campaign in the new year with a downtrodden inflexion in their voices and growing concern about Celtic’s dominance.

This is supposed to be an impartial forum, but as we saw with the removal of Michael Stewart from the panel, we have a show willing to pander to the side of Glasgow which is currently in meltdown.

The show is horrible at the minute, and it wouldn’t surprise me to find out they’ve lost a few listeners since their treatment of Michael Stewart.

How do you stop ten in a row? Please can someone help them out, they seem distressed.


  1. Like when there other club wis liquidise kiddon it never happened , whit10in row Naw that never happened noo let’s talk aboot oot favourite team rangers mark 3

  2. Forget what any one is saying job is not done they all would like us to take foot off the gas and give them a way back in,shut the door and keep going untill it is a mathematical fact then we can shout from the roof tops….

    Keep it going Celtic…

  3. Sevco or any other club have as much chance of winning the 20-21 Psfl league trophy as Celtic do, if they want the Single/Ten. All they have to do is win consistantly and don’t believe what the press thinks or says, and play as a squad. That’s not that hard, that’s how winning is done

  4. It has always bee the. “Celtic Way” to do the talking on the park and remain humble and focused off the park!

    Never change who we are and what we are

    Embrace all who support or play for this club

    Lead by example by avoiding as we do the bigotry and exclusion which we all have had to put up with at some stage in our lives etc…..

    That is what makes us who we are!

  5. I don’t see what your objection to this discussion is. Rangers are obviously not going to prevent Celtic winning “nine-in-row”. Why, then, would the meeja not ask: “what can Rangers do to prevent “ten-in-row”? Indeed, the guy with the Southern Irish accent (don’t know his name and am not going to waste my time checking) plainly states that they aren’t going to. So what is the problem? Attack real men not straw men.


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