It’s become a running joke for years but PENALTY TO RANGERS really does come up a lot when the club are scoring from open play.

Former Celtic striker John Hartson tweeted out a sarcastic comment after Celtic’s title rivals won a penalty that sealed all three points against Hibs when the game seemed to be heading for a 0-0 draw.

The Rangers do get an inordinate number of penalties but in this instance – the penalty decision seems to be just.

There’s contact in the box and Porteous has absolutely sold the jersey by sticking his foot out for the attacking Kent.

While the winger has hammed up the fall, there’s enough contact for a penalty.

There are many decisions that have not been justified and the biggest challenge Celtic do face this season is getting their fair share of decisions while their rivals don’t need to ask twice for a penalty.


  1. It’s the huge fuk off elephant in the room that no newspaper, no pundit, no one with any influence dare speak about.
    I’ll simplify it as follow follows….
    How can an organisation have the leader of a country’s unionist, racist, bigoted political party be involved in the decisions that decide who wins and loses a football match??????
    Only in Scotland!!!!

  2. Kent played the old “clip your leg against the nearest player” trick. A player running through a ruck of players would try to make his way through, Kent didn’t, he dived!
    Loads of players are known for that trick. Kent made it look genuine, and the klan puppet master was taken in.


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