Celtic women celebrating their champions league spot on the final day of the 20/21 season

The Celtic Women’s game has burst onto the scene this year after the club decided to take the team full time.

Our coverage of the game throughout the season has steadily increased and credit goes to the multimedia team from Celtic who have gave unprecedented access to Celtic fan media to cover the women’s game in more detail.

We even had a man inside Celtic Park covering the Glasgow Derby earlier this season when Mariah Lee scored the winner – a pivotal evening in the grand scheme of where Celtic finally landed at the end of the season.

When it comes to coverage, Celtsarehere is only in the infancy of what we plan to do in order to showcase the ghirls team going forward.

While the access has increased, the team and the manager have to deliver and that’s exactly what the women and Fran Alonso have managed to do this season.

Qualifying for the Champions League and having the chance to rub shoulders with the top sides in the women’s game is a mouthwatering prospect.

When we began our coverage of the women’s side, the uptake on readers and views was disappointingly low, but we were thrilled to see a growing audience on the site and on our social media feeds as the season progressed.

The ghirls offered genuine respite in a season where Celtic fans have been battered from pillar to post.

Our coverage would not be where it’s at to this point without the help of Clare Wilde and the Cynic team who’ve been relentless in their coverage of the game from start to finish.

Claire’s Cynic Women podcast was the perfect companion for people who are interested in learning about the Celtic women’s side. I’d go as far to say the Cynic have put out more relevant content than the club. That’s not a slight on the club, but more a nod to the Cynic.

With this season in the history books and the Hoops just three points off the Champions, the future looks bright for our ghirls.

We need to take tentative steps – the more we invest and the money we get for participating in European competition will only help us grow.

It wouldn’t be an outlandish thing to say if Celtic were to win a European trophy in our lifetime, it’s likely to come from the women. I’m getting ahead of myself, I know!

For Celtic now, they must look to keep the nucleus of this current squad together and add some quality as they see fit. Keeping a hold of Fran Alonso will also prove a difficult task. Fran has been a real character for the club this season and his outfits match his personality.

We hope he’s the man to make big strides with this team.


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