CELTIC FANS have been left raging with Pro Evolution Soccer and Konami for not delivering on a massive reason many fans bought the game this year.

PES 2019 was promised to be the best yet if you are a Scottish Football fan with the whole league involved in it and Celtic players being scanned into the game for their best likeness.

Over and above that, and the real clincher for a lot of people was the announcement Celtic Park would be available in the game.

For years, gaming Celtic fans have been desperate to see the inclusion of Paradise in either FIFA or PES and when the announcement came it had fans flocking to buy PES 2019.

The club even announced a partnership with the game and have also gone into the virtual world, sponsoring gamers at e-events.

While the PES2019 team told Celtic fans it wouldn’t be available straight away, there is still no sign of Celtic Park as PES release the new data pack and it’s caused a bit of an online backlash.


  1. Surely with today’s technology they could do a better likeness of Kris, Griff, French Eddy and Calmac than the images above show.


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