Another day another Moussa Dembele headline. This time it’s Ray Parlour telling us all how the striker could be the next top French forward at Arsenal if the Gunners are interested in him.

Yesterday, it was Craig Burley telling us he’s a stick on to head to Chelsea. The day before Zidane is looking at the striker for Real Madrid. The list goes on and on.

Don’t get me wrong, we’re being a bit hypocritical here as we regularly talk Moussa on here and our social media feeds to the point he should be looking at some sort of restraining order. However, nobody in the UK and Scottish football feel like they need to stop and smell the roses.

The striker has not even completed his first season and while many talk up his talents when they speak of him, it’s always followed by where he’s going next, not where he is now.

Is it the ignorant presumption that he clearly wants to move on from Celtic the first chance he gets? Is it jealousy? Is it an unwillingness to accept that the club have pulled a rabbit out of the hat and signed a player with unlimited potential for such a small fee?

Who knows.

As I say, the plaudits are always there because Moussa has been deadly this season but it’s always followed up by a notion he’ll move on asap. We’ve said this many times, we’re not naive enough to think he’s going to be at Celtic Park for the duration but when he turns on the style or gives us back to back hat-tricks we don’t say ‘oh it’ll be hard to hold on to him’ we think wow, what an exciting talent we’ve got on our hands.

Let’s stop and smell the roses for a second, we have a high flying team with talent aplenty. Soak it in, this current squad is the kind that will still be talked about in ten years.