FRANKIE BOYLE likes a good wind up and he was on top form on social media when he was pontificating over the state of the world at the moment.

The comedian pointing out that when climate breakdown happens there will be no room for everyone to hate on each other.

One person pointed out underneath Frankie’s comment that there would still be room to for hate as long as O** F*** games exist in the world. The tweeter referring to the fixture between Celtic and old Rangers.

Frankie’s reply was short and sweet and left a few people more than a bit upset.

Frankie is a Celtic fan but rarely puts it out there. The comment referring to the fact most Celtic fans and Celtic as a club do not use the phrase O** F*** anymore when referring to the fixture.

Celtic stopped officially using the phrase long before Old Rangers were liquidated. Funnily enough, the new Rangers can’t get enough of the phrase – keeping themselves relevant on the coattails of their pals across the city.


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