FORMER IBROX striker Kris Boyd can’t stop talking about Celtic and believes it’s crazy for the club to rely on an outstanding striker for goals until January…no seriously.

Boyd claims Celtic have only got one option up front and that’s it and if Edoaurd gets injured it’s game over for nine in a row.

Wishful thinking taking over as Boyd talks as an Ibrox fan as his thin veil as an impartial pundit slips.

The Sky Sports man has absolutely trashed Vakoun Bayo and believes the player is not up to Celtic’s standard in the slightest. The striker has only started two games and in those two games he scored and would have had two goals against Hearts if not for their defender’s turning the ball into their own net.

Other than that, the 22-year-old has made sub appearances and put in positions by Neil Lennon the Celtic manager should have known better to do.

As for Leigh Griffiths – fitness seems to be an issue but the Celtic manager is holding the frontman back for a reason. With so many fixtures coming up the player could see game time before too long.

It’s all doom and gloom for Boyd at Celtic though.

“From the moment the window opens on January 1, new head of recruitment Nicky Hammond will have to present Neil Lennon with quality goalscoring options.” Boyd told SunSport.

“Hammond’s success or not with that could prove decisive for Celtic and Rangers come May.

“Edouard is top class, there is absolutely no question of that. But he’s a young lad and it’s too much for him to handle alone.

“Celtic are fine from defence into midfield and out wide. But there’s a saying about only being as good as your strikers for good reason.

“The outstanding Frenchman is the best striker in Scotland.

“But I can’t believe he is the only option up front for Lennon because I’m just not having Vakoun Bayo.

“They’ve tried him and it’s not worked. He just isn’t up to it.”

The chat about Bayo smacks of the kind of snap decisions you get from ignorant supporters and pundits throughout Scotland.

Is Bayo going to be a hit? We don’t know but there’s signs he could be and there’s signs he couldn’t. We’ve simply not seen enough to form a 100% opinion. However, should he not make it, your man at Sky Sports will pat himself on the back.


  1. Baldy Boyd, is a nonce. He hates the Celtic, couldn’t score against them in all his years at Ipox. What do you expect from a ranting bigot like him? His regard for the dying embers of Govan club are ignored and as always Baldy finger points Celtic, while his team is going doon the pan. There will be widespread dumping of players slippy brought in, but Baldy knows only one target, Celtic. He follows Jabba’s plans to the core. spouting his bile at proven winners. Bury yer heid in the sand Baldy, that’s where it belongs.


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