Celtic fans need today’s Glasgow derby more than ever. There is nothing like a game of football to get your mind of a months worth of transfer nonsense. Add in the extra cyber hype that has been getting stirred up since the appointment of Steven Gerrard has left Celtic fans praying for another super Sunday.

In fairness to Gerrard, he has managed to get through 12 games unbeaten and also managed to secure European football. He has recruited heavily and without a doubt improved things in Govan. That being said, the opposition in the Rangers opening games have been weak. The only real test the Rangers have faced is against one of the teams that finished above them for the last two seasons – Aberdeen, and they only managed a draw.

How many Rangers players will experience Celtic Park today for the first time? Add to that the reduction of away tickets and the word “hostile” doesn’t even begin to explain what some of these noobs are walking out into, including Gerrard.

In a month of transfer hell, it’s easy to lose sight of facts. The fact is Celtic have lost two first-team players in the transfer window. The still have a squad of Invincible Double Treble winners. They still have one of the shrewdest football brains to stand in the Celtic Park dugout. They have match winners all over the park and a solid Celtic bench full of players that can influence a result.

Brendan Rodgers has never lost any of his previous nine derby encounters. We beat them at Ibrox with just ten men. Everything is in Celtic’s favour today. It’s about the players going out and recognising that man for man they are better than their opposite number.


  1. Ok,they have recruited more than we have,they are not convincing,our bhoys still have that continuity of playing together,never mind Dembele,he missed some games we won, that is not the issue, the bhoys will be up for this,they have scraped through games ,just,now is the time , now is the hour,hail hail.

  2. Here’s a new song tae sing and it goes like this. # GERRIE DOWN THE MERSEY. Back to a place were I love. AND THE’RE YOU’LL STAY.# WAN NIL YA HUN.

  3. We had them well Under Control SG can say what he wants but deep down he knows they where well beat and on another day it was one going on six,and yes SG we will buy in more players after the dead wood has moved out,but hey SG we are going for ten you do understand that now.

  4. When will the source of SG’s transfer bankroll be revealed? Is it being funded by EBT money stashed from 20+ years ago paid to the original cheats? Gerrard is nothing more than a facade serving as a distraction while the cheating continues in plain sight. The media revealed this week that HMRC are supposedly vetting the tax affairs of nominees for honours. What happened when David Murray slipped under the radar. Of course everything was above board or appeared so at that time. Will there be any retrospective action in cases like this?

  5. Now our board must see what BR needs, what he needs he gets so he can turn that screw so tight that SG would have to spend ten times what they spent to catch us and that would only be if we stood still,ten in a row is in sight, get six or more of the dead wood players out the door and bring in three seasoned pros one midfield two defenders and two or three work in progress young lads lets never be caught out like that again only 14 top players on top wages eight players for back up a 22 man squad,,,,,,,,,,,,,thanks


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