We could have written this article during the summer transfer window, in fact, it was during the summer it was noted that Celtic had nearly twice the amount of midfielders to Barcelona or Real Madrid. Not a lot has changed.

Celtic are still getting linked to signing even more midfielders in January. I don’t know why this annoys me so much; actually, I just remembered, it’s the obvious need for other positions to be strengthened. The striker problem hit emergency levels in December when Glasgow Celtic Football Club had no strikers. The season before that we had midfielders playing at centre back in significant European ties. This season one of our best midfielders was used as a left-back in a Glasgow derby.

If Brendan Rodgers can’t find players to bring in to the positions that they are needed the most, so be it, bringing in more midfielders is insane. At the time of writing, this Celtic have sixteen midfielders in the first team, twelve of them play centre mid.

Yesterday Celtic got linked with Nick Powell again, why? We only have three central midfield positions available. Naturally, some of these players will move on, some are only with Celtic on loan, and some are rumoured to be going out on loan in this window.

If Peter Lawell is so worried about bringing in the right players for the right place should he not be filling the gaping holes that have existed for so long first? Celtic have a lot of dead wood around the middle of the park, maybe when the deadwood is moved on they should buying new midfielders.



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