There are three options out in front of SPFL clubs with regards how to proceed during crowds being limited to just 500.

Explained by Sky Sports man Anthony Joseph.

All clubs must indicate their pre reference by 5.

Option 1 – Pause as planned.

Three games going ahead in the calendar without substantial fans inside the stadium. Celtic playing a derby effectively behind closed doors.

Option 2 – Start winter break after Boxing Day.

Getting one of the three fixtures out the way behind closed doors and then shutting up shop until January. It would help with fixture congestion but wouldn’t be as financially damage to clubs who rely on gates.

Option 3

Shut up shop after Wednesday night’s game this evening and play all three fixtures in January when restrictions should be relaxed.

None of these are ideal, but Scottish football must do the logical thing in this case. Locking fans out when there’s a natural break just around the corner means there’s better scope to stop the game early.


  1. It’s obvious the SNP gov are not, either talking to the footie authorities or they have their head up their jaxies. I mean is it save the fans or is it eff the fans. What a shower of utter twonkers. They are all ignorant and useless.


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