SKY SPORTS SOURCES have been told Celtic’s concerns and view to bringing in foreign referees in the near future is a ‘non-starter’ before it has even been adequately discussed and described it as a ‘throwaway comment’.

The news broke yesterday the bhoys are pushing for reform at the SFA with regards to officiating and bringing in foreign referees to call Scottish football matches is one of the reforms Celtic have put across.

However, without even a conversation on the matter, there are people at the SFA already dismissing this and are going to their pals in the media to shoot it down.

This keeps in line with the snide way the SFA seem to go about their business. They hold none of their officials accountable and their hierarchy continues to dismiss genuine concerns.

The SFA’s general reaction to the appalling standard of refereeing in this country is to back their bungling and incompetent referees regardless of how many shocking decisions they seem to make.

The narrative ‘oh poor referees, they have a tough job’, yes they do have a tough job but so do the guys trying to win football games and being met with such outlandish incompetence you would think it was by design.

To speak to Sky Sources about an issue before thoroughly discussing the merits of any reform is pretty shocking.




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