The Edinburgh Derby served up a game last night that had it happened in the West of Scotland there may have been a summit.

The result ended 0-0, but the game played second fiddle to the circus around the pitch.

A Hibernian fan looked to hit out at the hearts goalkeeper, and Neil Lennon was struck with a coin.

The derby can be heated, but this seems a step too far.

The Hearts keeper and Neil Lennon did not deserve any of the treatment regardless of anyone saying different.

It was two acts of thuggery at Tynecastle.

However, this is nothing new to Hearts. Back when Neil Lennon was the manager of Celtic he was subject to an attack by a Hearts fan that completely evaded security even though he was not pretty light on his feet and was only stopped by Celtic assistant Alan Thompson at the time.

Fast forward to Brendan Rodgers’ first season at Celtic and in particular Scott Sinclairs debut.

The Englishman came on and scored the winner to send Rodgers side on their way to greatness. Maybe this wasn’t picked up at the time but the Hearts fans tried to strike Scott Sinclair as he ran to celebrate with his teammates.

Take a look.

One tries to grab him while the other tries to throw a punch.

Five people were arrested at Wednesday’s Edinburgh Derby. People must be held accountable for their actions and have no excuses made.

Watch the game, don’t become a part of it.


  1. Well what can we expect from them like rangers fans thugs it runs in there blood can’t take them enywere . Should be play in empty ground or ban them .

  2. Thugs ban the lot off them not fit for purpose and yes should be playing behind closed doors I am wright in saying if it was Celtic god for bid we would be band no questions asked

  3. When Lennon got attacked years ago there fuck all happened, herts are rotten to the core and they get away with it all the time, they should be playing games behind closed doors see how they enjoy that, let’s batter them all over the park this weekend and put them back under their rock … hail hail

  4. Ann Budgie where the fuc& are you??? And why won’t she or the hearts board address this breakdown in comunication between the pitch and fans. Your not doing your job, and neither are the pitch stewards or the law.

  5. Mrs Budge is culpable in this mess. She thinks the tarts fans are a family bunch with only the tarts in mind.
    If she beileives that she is not fit for purpose. She may be a wealthy lady and the clubs needs her behind it, but the antics of her so called fans is a development that only the police can handle and the courts can adjudicate on, this isn’t a Scottish football decision. This is about violence, hate and death threats. She needs to be seen to be ruthless on her thug fans. Only once she does the job properley, will she have any credibility outside of Tynecastle. We are waiting Mrs Budge.


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