It’s easy to get a preconceived notion about footballers when most of the time you just watch them playing football for ninety minutes. I’m not sure what impression you have of Nir Bitton, but he loves a bit of banter.

If you follow him on social media you’ll see he likes to throw a bit of stick around to his fellow professionals. He’s usually the first one in with the dig. In his latest media post, the midfielder is making a crazy allegation that he has “megged” Timo Weah. There is no video evidence of said incident so you’ll have to take his word (or picture post below) as evidence.

One of the first glimpses Celtic fans got of Timo was when he “megged” Scott Brown in the Celts Dubai training camp. We’ve seen Brown chase down Leigh Griffiths in training over megging him too. It’s obviously a thing. Weah has a large social media presence, I’m sure he’ll appreciate Bitton’s post.


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