FOOTBALL INSIDER have been coming up with some very questionable ‘exclusives’ with regards to Celtic over the past few weeks but their latest one cannot go unquestioned.

The website claims they have been told that Kieran Tierney has told his ‘inner circle’ he expects to leave the club this week even though Arsenal’s second bid has been rejected.

The website seems to have carte blanche to claim exclusives on just about anything without having to back up what they’re reporting. This particular article which claims to know Tierney’s intention doesn’t even have a name attached to the story.

From experience, this is throwing mud and seeing what sticks. If Tierney were to leave before the end of the week then they can point to their ‘exclusive’ and if he doesn’t I’m sure they will print another exclusive as to why it hasn’t happened.

It’s becoming increasingly frustrating for Celtic fans to see and read articles which have already sold their star player without anything being agreed.

There’s slim to no chance Kieran would even talk to anyone about the move until there was a concrete accepted offer. We are trying our best to follow the story as it unfolds. The news on Saturday night of Arsenal’s second bid spread like wildfire.

The way Celtic operate now, they would certainly come to the fans if they accepted any bid for the player via an online statement on the website. It’s not just any old transfer – if this deal was to go ahead and Kieran was to leave this summer it would be the most expensive deal not only in Celtic’s history but Scottish football history


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