Kieran Tierney is loving life at Celtic, even when he hasn’t been playing due to injury. Since being ruled out with injury, the player has regularly been seen in the stands, not among the VIPs but all of us Celtic civilians. Why? Because his passion for Celtic is the same as anyone who has ever stood and watched Celtic from the stands.

That’s why when Kieran Tierney hears reports that some of Europe’s top clubs have been looking at him, he’s surprisingly grounded.

“Obviously when you are younger some people dream about playing in the Premier League but I dreamt about playing for Celtic . It was always a Celtic strip I wore.” said Tierney

“It’s flattering hearing clubs like Bayern and Chelsea mentioned. They are some of the best teams in the world but if you are a youngster playing first-team games every week for Celtic and doing well, you will get noticed by teams in Europe.”

He’s literally living the dream in the colours of his bhoyhood heroes and he just can’t get enough. Breaking through under Ronny and impressing Rodgers since the Irishman’s arrival, he’s loving it even more.

The left back sees Brendan’s work ethic and it rubs off on the squad and staff around the club.

“People maybe don’t see the hours people at the club put in to getting us there.

“The manager is first here in the morning and last away at night. He puts in so much to set things up for us. He deserves a lot of credit.”



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