In has been an emotional day for Celtic fans watching one of their own, Kieran Tierney,  leave the club to move to England. Tierney’s message to the fans that he posted on his social media accounts will add even more emotion on a difficult day for everyone involved apart from maybe the left-backs new club Arsenal.

This is coming from the bottom of my heart! I don’t know how to even begin to put the last 15 years of my life into words… what you as fans have given me and my family I cannot repay you in any way possible and for that I am sorry. From the age of 7 I was lucky enough to play for the club I love and will continue to love till the day I die no matter what happens.

Every single second of my Celtic career was a dream and I gave my all every single time I stepped onto that pitch, it’s honestly the least I could do for everyone involved at the club. There is to many people to thank individually so I don’t even know where to begin.

Every single coach and staff member who has helped me on my way to getting where I am today I am so grateful for all the hours help you put into me making me a better player and a better person. My team mates have been the best I could possibly have asked for what a bunch of legends man who I’ll be supporting untill the end. Where can I start with the fans? I tried my best to represent you every time I went onto that pitch. The relationship we had together and the memories we created and history we made was incredible.. I will cherish every single second of it. I hope we can continue to have a relationship although I understand that will be never for some people which is heartbreaking for me but I understand the emotions surrounding this situation.

It has been the hardest day or two of my life and I really appreciate every single message of support from you all. This was not easy in any way shape or form. To end id like to mention the special relationship I had with the ultras who I have grown up with from BHOYS and Green Brigade.. the atmosphere yous create to help the team is massive and it helped me so much over the last few years.

I thank u so much for these times together what we have achieved as a club the last few years isn’t possible without you and all the fans. This is not nearly enough of what I am feeling but I literally cannot put into words with the emotion I’m feeling towards you all but I hope I showed you every game that I was lucky enough to play. God bless

A four hundred word heartfelt thank you message. This, of course, won’t be enough for some fans but underneath the anger of some people is just hurt. KT gave everything he had in the locker every time he pulled on the jersey, the fact that he is going to do that for a different club is what some fans can’t get their heads around.

The big question now is how much of the 25 million does Neil Lennon get to strengthen his weakened squad? Does he have replacements lined up?

Neil Lennon has around three weeks to bring in three or four new signings. Players that can come straight into the first team.



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