At least two Arsenal accounts are peddling the news Arsenal are in for Kieran Tierney and Celtic are ready to accept a derisory offer for their star man.

The report coming from both sites lacks any understanding beyond their preconceived notions of footballers playing in Scotland from an English supporters perspective.

Why wouldn’t Celtic take £10million plus two players for their prized asset, I mean what else are they going to realistically get for a guy playing in Scotland, eh?

That seems to be the mentality down south. The report lacks substance and it also lacks any knowledge of the player in question.

After Brendan Rodgers left the club earlier this year, I will never say never in football but at this point in time I just don’t see Celtic and Tierney getting together to manufacture a move away from the club with history on the line.

Let me rephrase – I can’t see Tierney wanting to move on before their tilt for ten in a row has reached its conclusion. There is more money down south and if you look at Andy Robertson there is plenty of room for glory if you make the right moves.

However, we have a guy on our hands who is a bit special. A lad who has been with Celtic from an early stage, is a proper Celtic fan in every sense of the word and who has plenty of time for a big money move.

This is by no means a knock on Arsenal, but there will be a queue for the defender when he is eventually made available and it will be for much more than these two below sites anticipate.


  1. If and when Kieran leaves the club he loves you be rest assured the fee shall be astonishing and it shall come from one of the top European Clubs, Possibly Spain, Germany or Italy, The good thing about it Kieran definitely has got time on his side, He shall want to stay with Celtic for at least another 2 or 3 years, This young man deserves every accolade going, You can see just how much the club and supporters mean to him, He gives 100% + The supporters love this young man and as the saying goes: He’s One Of Our Own, 🇮🇪💚🇮🇪

  2. KT’s staying for ten in a row at least but I’ll tell ya what they go on about what else would they get for someone who plays football in Scotland just to name a coiple VW, VVV, and yous English cunts stole them at least doon oor end we wear masks and put a shotguns tae yer heids anyway then we get tae the small subject of dembele if we can get that for him I’m sure I fact I’m positive well rinse at least another 10,15,20 million extra easy that’s how good the we man is


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