Unity maybe a bit strong, but over the past few weeks between one bad result, the lack of any signings and the comings and goings of the Green Brigade the support seems to be cut down the middle with opinions. Ultimately the magnifying glass points at the management and the board. I’ve spent the past 15 years on Celtic websites and have always seeing two patterns of opinion, one comes when you’re winning and the other comes after a bad result or results.

With that in mind, financially we face our biggest game of the season on Wednesday night with a two goal deficit to try turn around. Our biggest chance of doing that starts in the stands. Shakhter Karagandy have not travelled well in Europe and a noised up Celtic Park could rattle them before a ball has even been kicked. They took sometime to get going on their own patch and an early goal will turn the game on it’s head. The week ahead does not require divided opinion on any matter it needs a belief matched with support that we can turn things around and claim our place on the biggest footballing stage.

Injury concerns are already mounting for todays game against ICT with Samaras, Forrest, Boerrigter, Stokes and Commons nursing an array of different injuries. Some might think resting them would be the best option but a bad result today would be two defeats in a row and not great preparation for Wednesday night. On top of the injuries is a squad that has lost 7 players from last season and one or two signings coming in for the weekend look more and more unlikely although its not for the lack of trying as Lennon explained this morning……

“We have tried actively to get players in. It has just not been forthcoming.

“It’s been a really difficult period the last six to seven weeks. We’ve been working night and day in trying to bring players in and Champions League qualifiers.

“So it has been very hectic. It has kept us all on our toes and there have been a few sleepless nights along the way.

“Players come and go. We’ve a squad good enough, I think, to go through and that’s what we are trying to do.

“We are actively trying to get players in. We’ve been knocked back on a couple of players and we are doing due diligence on other players.

“We are working very hard in the background to bring players in. It’s not all about pumping the squad up because we’ve got money. It’s trying to get the right players.

“Timing is always difficult at this stage. These games are hard no matter who you have. Whether Hooper, Wanyama or Wilson were still available, or Miku, Lassad, Rogne or McCourt, it would still have been a tough sort of run.

“I’m never given a budget. We don’t work that way. We look for value for money. We look for players we think can come in and make us better and maybe have a resale value in the future.”

Lennon confirmed AC Siena striker was one name under consideration by the club. But with the player expected to complete a move to Livorno, the manager says he has plenty other options.

“He is just a name on a long list of options we’ve tried to create,” added the Celtic boss. “We are doing due diligence on all players. We have been knocked back on a couple and we are working away.

“His name popped up and we are working away in the background. It might be too late today but I will speaking to Peter this afternoon again.”

What it boils down to is we have to back what we have, the players that are left in the squad are more than capable of beating any team in the SPL and are more then capable of qualifying for the Champions League. It’s time for one big giant huddle to take us through the week.


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