As the conversations go back and forth each day in all sporting disciplines on how to settle seasons that look they are impossible to finish this summer. There is also the question of starting a new season, prize money, relegation, transfers, wages and much much more.

Enter former SPL CEO Roger Mitchell to the mix, Mitchell who was speaking with PLZ Soccer said it is now time to call Celtic champions.

In recent days we have had Barry Ferguson, Mark Hatley, Alex Rae all prepping the Ibrox crowd for something that seems to become a foregone conclusion. Celtic will be handed nine in a row.

Earlier today Belgium handed out titles in their leagues prompting other leagues to follow suit. The champions are 13 points clear of the chasing pack who have a 1.13% chance of taking the Hoops title.

As this pandemic grinds the world to a halt, sport is coming second fiddle to the number of confirmed infected cases and the death toll.


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