THE Rangers fans are fuming after they have been told in no uncertain terms that they will not be allowed to set up a display for this weekends semi final against Celtic.

The Onion Bears have hurt feelings after the head of Hampden security KO’d their plans that they said has already cost them thousands of pounds to organise.

This has left Ibrox fans fuming online with many speculating Celtic will get a TIFO in for the game, which as far we’re aware is not the case.

Celtic were refused a TIFO last season against Aberdeen at Hampden by security, so this is nothing new.

They have probably done the Onionists a favour, as displays really aren’t there strong point, although we’re struggling to figure out what else they’re good at besides moving for Celtic fans when they visit Ibrox.


  1. No matter how often they demonstrate their stupidity it never fails to surprise. Whoever currently has ownership of their collective brain cell would surely have ensured they had permission for a TIFO before speanding any of their hard earned benefits. Shame they didn’t go to Catholic schools.

  2. Can’t believe these clowns wanted to embarrass themselves again after their sad show at the crumbledome. They made themselves look like there football team,
    a Fucking joke
    They should be thanking the staff at cheaters HQ for stopping another sad episode in there short history.
    Hail Hail

  3. What’s the odds the display was a banner of a wee poof on a white horse, flute band or one of their clandestine paramilitary outfits?

  4. “Tims run Hampden”, “The unseen Fenian hand of Peter Lawell”, etc. Just how delusional are these drooling morons? The SFA have bent over backwards to accommodate their new club and pretend that nothing major happened in 2012. The ungrateful retches can’t even acknowledge when someone is doing them a favour and carrying on with the same club pish!

    And they still hilariously refer to the daily record as the ‘daily rebel’! Delusional isn’t even the word to describe them. No-one likes them, but I think they do care. Two more victories against them and it will be more dirt piled on their coffin.

    • Frank they really want to be loved but would you love a Bear that keeps shitting on your carpet since 2012.
      It’s got to be stopped sometime before the whole place smells like one of their Meeting Halls. HH

  5. Forget our differences for a wee lad who supports the team in blue on Sunday. The wee lad has is on life support and won’t live to long……. His name is Loa James Michael Brock and his da wants green and blue balloons released in his memory.

    • Seen that story earlier Sean. Absolutely heartbreaking. I’m sure the Hoops fans will reciprocate and pay respect to this wee sojur and his family. Despite it taking up a lot of our time, energy and finances, football becomes completely insignificant when things like this are highlighted.

      Let’s do him and his family proud.

    • Right on bro Celtic Bhoys and Ghirls are known for helping those who need it.
      Me thinks that a portion 10-15%of gate receipts should go to this cause. HH

  6. HAIL HAIL Frank, it’s heart breaking that any family has to experience this kind of grief. Football is truely unique in colours shouldn’t really matter when a life hasn’t been lived. And we as Celtic supporters don’t have a issue or problem in Celebrating this. So thank you sir for acknowledging my message….
    God bless Glasgow Celtic and you too mate HH


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