106 points
106 goals
38 SPFL Games
34 Wins and 4 draws.

Not bad eh.

The word ‘infrangible’ was something Brendan Rodgers added to the Celtic players vocabulary this week.

Infrangible – unbreakable; to be unbroken

Today we watched on with sheer joy as the Celtic team took their place in history with a record sweep of points, goals and unbeaten league campaign. Pinch me, I must be dreaming.

Just 12 months ago the new manager came in and while he has signed some of his own players, it was the struggling Celtic players of last season which ultimately came through under Rodgers tutelage.

Rodgers walked onto the park this afternoon and claimed that this was once in a lifetime event. We were witnessing something special and the people in attendance knew it! This wasn’t just another title on the way to ten. This was the reemergence of a Celtic I thought we had lost many moons ago. This was a statement and it was made big time.

When we look back at this season it will certainly be up there for what has been achieved.

With that being said we now move on to the Scottish cup final where the icing on the cake would be a TREBLE. Celtic can take nothing for granted but we will head to Hampden, next Saturday with every chance of doing so.

Until then, let’s enjoy the moment!



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