BBC Sport Scotland pundit Tom English has predicted that Peter Lawwell might remain in and around the club past this summer, despite his announcement that he will be stepping down from his role in the next few months.

Speaking on tonights BBC Sportsound programme, English thinks that Lawwell might stay at the club in some capacity as a consultant when his role as CEO ends on the 1st of July this summer.

“I think he’s going to be around in a capacity as a consultant. I don’t know this, but I think he’ll be there as a sounding board. Consultant to the CEO.

“He’s got 20 years of experience at this level. The CEO needs help. The CEO is a very good operator but he’s not an expert in the nitty-gritty of transfers and the dirty business of football. He needs help on that, so why wouldn’t you keep Peter Lawwell in there in some capacity?

“I think Celtic would be mad not to have him at the end of a phone just to give advice here and there.”

As fans will now all know, Dominic McKay is the man who will be taking over from Lawwell in the summer and has already come on board with the club early to prepare for the July date.

Throughout his time at the club, Peter Lawwell has been a very controversial figure behind the scenes with many different Celtic fans having an opinion on the outgoing CEO. There is no doubt he knows his stuff in certain areas but also parts of the game who some have been very critical for his involvement in.

For a lot of fans, seeing the 61-year stay on in any capacity would be a tough one to get behind.

With this summers massive rebuild, it feels like it could be the perfect time to rip things up and start all over again and that is what feels like is happening with Dom McKay joining the club.



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