TOM ROGIC has spoken about how settled he is in Glasgow and the catalyst behind his decision to stay at the club for the next five years.

The Australian surprised many who tipped him to leave the club in the near future by signing a new deal with the Scottish Champions – much to the delight of  the fans.

The midfielder always seems to be in the thick of it with big goals at big times which has helped the Celtic star carve his name into the history of the club.

Speaking about living in Glasgow and why he decided to stay long term – it was all very easy for Tom.

“It’s a goldfish bowl existence in some ways, but the tradeoff is playing Champions League football and winning multiple trophies with the Scottish champions.

“It’s a footballing city, it means everything to the people there and you certainly feel that there is that intense scrutiny and focus on the players.

“I’m working under a manager who I feel is challenging me every day.

“I certainly feel like I’m learning. I’m happy, I’m settled, I think I’ve played my best football in the past two seasons at the club and under the manager there.”


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