I certainly don’t know how it feels to be sitting on the other side of the fence not supporting Celtic when the Bhoys in green are on an unstoppable record breaking domestic league run. I can assure you though, there’s nothing boring about it.

The Brendan Rodgers juggernaut continues and it doesn’t look like it’ll be stopping anytime soon. What’s more is you have Celtic players who have been linked with big money moves away, rejecting that interest to stay at Celtic Park to hopefully continue this incredible run.

Rodgers is arguably putting the best available squad on the pitch week in week out. It helps when the team has great depth and a healthy competition. The likes of Izzy and Sviatchenko being relegated to the bench because other players are outperforming is such a refreshing thing to see as they both have been great this season.

So….Let’s talk about that gap.

For whatever reason, these Ibrox players in the press STILL are paying lip service to how they can ‘halt’ Celtic – If you believe that at this point you’re as deluded as the person making the comments. It’s like a meat pie you drop on the ground and splatters everywhere, you CAN’T fix the pie but you still try to fix it, even though you know the pie is now unpalatable.

The Rangers fans have all these false hopes and dreams that are just getting further and further away from reality. This Celtic team is on another level and they don’t know what to do, to the point their fans are arguing over if their players should be wearing green boots – run that by me again? A ridiculous comment, almost as crazy as the thought of someone paying £6million for Barrie McKay, don’t get me started on that one! Young Kieran Tierney has more assists in a lesser amount of games from the left back position than wee Baz.

I could rant on more but think I will save it for another time. Special mention to another big Follower Keith Galloway who plays for Leeds Rhinos in the Super League. Was great having dinner and having a great chat about how we both become Celtic troopers. Top notch bloke.

That devoted that he even travels up from Leeds to Glasgow to catch the match on his down time. I still can’t believe how big of a unit he was.

I’m still holding to your word and Aaron Mooy who is at Manchester city loaned to Huddersfield to walk out with me into the ring. Set myself some goals this year with my professional career. Planning to have THREE fights and one of them I would love to have back in Glasgow preferably at the end of the year.

Training hard since I got back from Europe. Really see myself fighting in front of the Celtic faithful. So Matt Clark if you are reading this make it happen. Other than that let’s enjoy this moment that the Bhoys are on! Chheeehhhhoooooooo.

Mind the gap.

Tonga Tim


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