Former Celtic striker Tony Watt has backed the Green Brigade and their banner against the Tories and Rod Stewart.

There has been a backlash from both sides of the support on this one with many claiming the banner was embarrassing while others have backed the sentiment of the message.

Tam McManus had the cheek to call the green Brigade attention seeking as he sits on Twitter trying to garner attention off the groups back.

Tony Watt stepped in after McManus criticised the fan group for their stance, which basically said sit down and watch the football.

We are disheartened tonight with so many personally attacking the Green Brigade. Given their work with food banks, refugees and other charities – the group should be allowed to express their opinion on the political party that has brought the need for all these types of charitable work.

It was weeks ago Rod had a go at the Green Brigade over pyro and with the singer quite happy to cash in on republicanism during his gigs while doffing his cap and tugging his forelock – he’s fair game.


    • Did you ever think that us mere mortals that are the normal average Celtic fans really care about the over inflated ego of the green brigade and dont care about politics or the antics of a few over enthusiastic zealots, if rod Stewart wants to congratulate someone he can. Remember Nazi Germany we you had to watch what you were saying remind you of anybody DOH !

  1. No special comforts for the Green Brigade, we all have opinions, wonder when they will be want to pick the team next, ( hope they dont take me up on that one !)

  2. Celtic a team for all, except if you are a Tory or don’t share the opinions of the invisible leaders of the GB. I hate the Tories with a passion but everyone has the right to support their own political beliefs. No doubting the GB do some sterling charity work however these political banners only drive a wedge between the Celtic support. Keep the banners for outside the ground if you want to get your point across. Take a poly bag with sweets into the ground you are stopped and the bag is searched. Quite right too so how is it the GB can take a banner like that into the stadium with no questions asked. Political banners do Celtic football club no favours at all. Celtic . A club for all. ???

  3. Aw diddums-is the poor GB getting criticised again!!

    Totally agree Iva Redcoat-why does club let the GB continue to display these banners-why don’t they instruct stewards to remove the banners?

    Someone in security must have authority to decide whether banner is acceptable or not?

    Is this another instance of the SLO pandering to the GB?

    Club should have taken opportunity to ban the GB for good.

    I also hate the Tories but politics should be separate from supporting the team on the park and if the GB are so keen on their chariddy activities (but they don’t talk about it!) can i suggest they focus on this at, say, between the hours on 3-5pm on a matchday outside the ground and gies peace from what Tam McManus rightly called their attention-seeking antics

  4. A club for all lol that’s a joke, or do the GB bullies running the show now and telling us all what political party to support and what other matters we have to believe in, stick to the football and enjoy it and leave your dodgy thoughts to yourself and leave the rest of us normal supporters to follow the club.


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