Another week and another Celtic fan in the CeltsAreHere hot seat! 

We ask one Celtic fan 20 questions on all things Celtic.

This weeks Celtic fan is @Kieran_Psyl.

First 10 questions are simple Yes/No answers.


1. Are you a season ticket holder?


2. Are you happy with the current board?


3. Are the Green Brigade essential to Celtic Park?


4. Will Lenny be tempted by the Sunderland post?


5. Should Celtic have done more in the last transfer window?


6. Do you miss games against the now defunct Rangers?


7. Are the club moving in the right direction?


8. Do you believe Celtic will win a European Trophy in your lifetime?


9. Do you buy tabloids?


10. Are we good enough to get to the last 16 of the Champions League?



Next 10 questions are in-depth.


1. What is your favourite Celtic memory?

So many. Been a season ticket holder for eight or nine years and been lucky enough to witness some fantastic nights. It’s between bawling my eyes out after Tony Watt netted against Barcelona, or JVOH’s last minute winner against Rangers 1872. I will have to go with the latter.


2. Do you remember your first game?

Dunfermline 2 Celtic 2 at East End Park. My only memory from it was Henrik Larsson playing a one-two with Sutton and he delicately chipped it over the onrushing keeper. They equalised in injury time. My dad told me a few years later that, because we were in the ‘family’ stand, we weren’t meant to celebrate or show any favoritism towards Celtic. In the first minute, Sutton got taken out of the game by a late tackle and my dad, true to form, stood up and screamed, “HOW THE F*** IS THAT NOT A BOOKING, YA P****”


3. Who is the worst player you have personally seen at Celtic?

I never had the privilege to have seen Du Wei in the flesh, so I will go with…Daryl Murphy. I’m sure there’s been worse, but he is the only one I can think of. Saying that, he scored a screamer against Dundee United, which was more than Bangura did. I’ll go with Bangura!


4. Who is the best player you have personally seen at Celtic?

Henrik Larsson. He scored the winner at my first old firm game and was world class, in every sense of the word. To be totally honest, he is one of the biggest reasons why I’m such a big Celtic fan now. I was obsessed with him! Every season I would have Larsson 7 on the back of my shirt. Legend.


5. Name your own personal Celtic starting XI.

Izaguirre Balde Mjallby Matthews
Nakamura Petrov Lambert Moravcik
Larsson Hartson (Sutton was close!)


6. Do you support the clubs plans for a safe standing area?

100%. I don’t sit in section 111, but when I go to away games and we all stand for 90 minutes, it’s brilliant. The treatment of the Green Brigade has been abhorrent, so for them personally to get this standing section will be brilliant. People don’t like hearing it, but Celtic Park, in the SPL, isn’t the same without them. They get the crowd singing and even get everyone joining in with the huddle and end to end chanting. I highly commend the fans and the club for trying to get this pushed through. I hope it does.


7. How do you get your daily dose of Celtic news?

For the most part, Twitter. There are several accounts that will tweet out all the latest stories that are surrounding Celtic automatically. It’s brilliant. I regularly check the official Celtic website, though.


watt.jpg.3188. Do you think Tony Watt has a future at Celtic?

I do. I think his loan move will do him the world of good. He’s scoring goals and playing games, which can only be good for Tony and Celtic. He’s a goalscorer, Lennon knows that and won’t let him go permanently. If he works hard, keeps his feet on the ground, which may have been difficult for him after his winner against Barcelona, then he will come back a better player.


9. Is the club right to reward season ticket holders with extra Champions League packages for family and friends?

It’s a touchy subject amongst supporters, but I don’t want to sit on the fence. Season ticket holders are guaranteeing the club money every season, so deserve preferential treatment. That sounds harsh, but not all fans can have a season ticket, that’s obvious and it doesn’t make them any less of a supporter. One thing that I loathe is when season ticket holders get on their high horse and start acting like superior fans, that’s nonsense. But back to the question, it was wrong of Celtic to not have a public sale. When you combine all the factors, one season ticket holder could have got a hold of 15 Champions League tickets. I’m not sure if the club were trying to boost season ticket sales or what, but it’s weird. I think that four sets of three Champions League ticket packages isn’t right. So to briefly summarise, no, I think the club has gone the wrong way about selling the packages.


10. Do you think Celtic will ever leave Scottish football? If Yes, to where?

I would love for us to go down to England and join the EPL, but, unfortunately, I can’t see it happening for a long time, if ever. With our fan base and scouting system, we would give a lot of clubs something to think about down there. They know that, so would probably vote against the idea.


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