UEFA have released a dossier of all things European football with developing trends and individual clubs accomplishments over the past year.

Of course, Celtic were mentioned prominently when it came to supporters through the turnstiles for ‘Top 15 clubs based on aggregate attendances in 2018/19’.

Bigging up the number of supporters turning up to watch their team, UEFA pointed out Celtic were one of just 15 European clubs who surpassed 1million supporters through the turnstiles in a season. The only Scottish club to have done so!

Six clubs in England, three each in Germany and Spain, two in Italy, and one in Scotland.

Celtic fans have continually backed their side throughout the years and it’s no surprise we are in very elite company when it comes to supporters.

With Celtic still in three competitions, having already won the League Cup, there will be plenty more fans through the gates in the next five months to watch the bhoys in green.

The bhoys return to action on S