There has been a lot of speculation over the last couple of days and will continue to be in the next few weeks and months about who will be the next manager of Celtic Football Club.

This week, the main candidate that appears to have been mentioned for the job is former Manchester United midfielder, Roy Keane.

It is clear to see on social media how this appointment wouldn’t go down that well with the Celtic support, picking up a manager who hasn’t managed in 10 years.

In today’s Scottish Daily Mail back page, journalist Stephen McGowan’s opinion piece has pretty much hit the nail on the head with his assessment of the whole idea. He may want the job but he definitely isn’t the man the club should be looking to appoint.

McGowan is well known within a lot of the Celtic support as one of the more accurate journalists out there when it comes to reporting on Celtic news. He was one of the first to report on the fact that Keane is actually one of the candidates for the job and has been spoken to by the club.

As the club prepare to move into one of the biggest transitions we have faced in years ahead of the rebuild in both the playing and backroom staff, we should be looking to take the club forward to a more modern way of thinking.

Whoever the next manager of the club is, it will be a risk. But it will be a greater one with Keane at the helm.


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