The old saying playing for the jersey is something that has been echoed through many a football stadium over the years. The notion that players must fight for the colours they’re wearing.

Playing in the resplendent green and white hoops that are recognised the world over should be enough incentive for every Celtic player lucky to pull the jersey on.

But what about the Celtic jerseys that failed to inspire and quite frankly should have been wiped from existence with some sort of ‘Men in Black’ device to help us all forget some of the fashion disasters Celtic fans have lived through. Funnily enough, it’s the away jerseys copping the most heat as usual you can’t go wrong with the Hoops.

Here’s a jovial look at some of the worst kits we’ve had the displeasure of seeing.

5. 16/17 Away shirt

Last seasons PINK Celtic away shirt HAS to make this list. For those of you who’ve bought it and wear it then more power to you but, wow, what is that all about? It’s not even that it’s pink, it’s that it’s a weird shade of pink that looks like it’s gone in the wash with all your dark stuff. We have seen many football teams adopt a pink kit in recent times – Italian teams leading the way and some of them even pull it off. However, seeing a more rotund 50 something sporting one down the Gallowgate doesn’t do it for me. The bhoys have worn this sparingly thankfully and we hope the next new balance design is just a wee bit more conservative.

4. 94/95 Season Away jersey

Different coloured sleeves and weird arrowy, lightning bolt things going on? Seriously what the f*** is this? UMBRO clearly had a 4-year-old make this design. The 90s were a breeding ground for efforts likes this. English Premier League was rife with this kind of stuff, maybe we were just trying to fit in?

3. 2001 Home jersey

We’ve heard of broken history but broken hoops? Well what’s what we got in the 2001/2003 seasons. It’s a nice enough design but caused controversy at the time with the two white designs on the side that stopped the hoops from being, well, hoops! It was Martin O’Neill’s men who wore this shirt and it does remind me of Henrik Larsson, Chris Sutton etc but please don’t ever break the hoops!

2. 95/96 Away

We love us some Paul McStay but we’re not digging his threads! Here is the Maestro proudly sporting this 90s Celtic kit, but even he will admit that it wasn’t the best. Black and white stripes, tones of dark green and the massive CR SMITH logo. Maybe we’re giving this a rough ride but if we seen anything like this come out nowadays I might just be screaming for the pink shirt to come back.

1. 91/92 Away jersey

We’re counting at least 5 shades of green in this “Celtic shirt”. I had to stop typing for a moment as I gazed at this beauty again. The red ‘peoples ford’ logo really puts this out on an island of its own in regards to Celtic shirts we want to forget. It’s only saving grace is the horrendous line design seemed to be a prophetic look at Celtic’s cross city rivals finances 12-15 years before it happened – leading us to believe Nostradamus was working for Umbro at the time.

Of course, it’s all about opinions and even though these shockers deserve to be on the list, some fans will have fond memories of these kits being worn and have a nostalgic response when they see the retro shirts. 



  1. We wore that strip in every round bar the final. Nice enough strip but never bought it as it has broken hoops on it and i wasn’t having that ???

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