2016 was a fantastic year for the site and specifically our social media pages. Our original content along with self-deprecating banter, stats and general nonsense has seen our facebook page grow from 4,000 to 40,000 in a year.

So what has made our page so fun over the last year? Here’s one reason why at least!

A top five list of the best videos we posted back in 2016. Enjoy!

#5 Scott Brown Outta Knowhere

Before the first Celtic vs Sevco Glasgow Derby there was a lot of talk, mostly from Joey Barton (who has ALREADY left the Ibrox outfit) on how the player was going to “boss” Scott Brown. We put a video together before hand to show what would relly happened, and you know what? We weren’t far off!


#4 Deja Vu

Scott Sinclair’s debut was one to remember. The player came off the bench to score the winner and make an instant impact. But it would be after the game when our eagle-eyed editor noticed the striking similarities between another Celtic goal at Tynecastle many moons ago. It’s spooky!


#3 Build up to the big game.

If you already follow our facebook page on a regular basis you know we’re no stranger to a wind up and this one certainly hit the spot. In the run up to the big game we put together a video package bigging up the match we all missed and that Scottish football needed. I’m sure you will agree after watching.


#2 Matt Gilks summary of a Celtic dominated game.

After the 5-1 thrashing at home it was Celtic’s day again at Hampden, and even though the scoreline suggested it was close at 1-0 the stats and performance from Celtic suggested otherwise. But not if you ask Sevco goalkeeper Matt Gilks.


#1 Friends Rebel Dub

So there’s no football to be seen in our number 1 viewed clip of the year. We went back and rewatched all the old Friends episodes and noticed something that we strangely missed the first time round. Check out the lads from friends and Marcel the monkey sticking on some party tunes.

We want to thank everyone who contributes to the page on a daily/weekly basis and who’ve shared our content! We continue to do our best to entertain and inform where possible!

Hail Hail.

What was your favourite?




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