On the last day of the window it was expected that Jozo Simunovic would sign for Torino in a £3.5million deal.

However, throughout the day there was conflicted reports about failed medicals and negotiations between the two clubs. After the the deal fell through Jozo Simunovic came out on social media and told the world he didn’t fail a medical and that Torino moved the goal posts at the last minute


According to Torino director Gianluca Petrachi, Jozo’s medical had “complications”:

“We went from Celtic and we said we invest, but first we want to subject the player to a medical.

“But we consulted with our doctors, they told us that the injury to the cartilage is a problem, because some can do triathlons on it but also there are those who have to stop doing athletic activities.

“So I called the Sports Director of Celtic and I told him: ‘Give me the player on loan with the redemption obligation. If he played a single minute would trigger the payment of €4 million. He replied: ‘Take the player immediately outright or nothing.’

We believe Torino were trying to get the defender as back-up for their first team this season without actually paying much for him at all. The director speaks of a problem during the medical but never states that Jozo failed it. This would leave us to believe that after putting so much money into the Joe Hart deal the Italian club wanted to strong arm Celtic into making a deal that wasn’t correct for the club. Celtic were right to bring the player back.



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