JEREMIE FRIMPONG returned to Celtic Park and helped his side to a 4-0 victory in the Europa League.

The former Celtic defender left for Germany back in January when Celtic accepted a large bid for his services from Leverkusen.

Jeremie has settled in well at his new club and is now among the first team starters.

His return to Celtic Park just eight months after leaving was a success for him but not so good for Celtic.

Celtic fans usually respectfully clap a former player before or after the game, but there was nothing notable on that front.

What was clear is some fans inside the ground chose to boo Jeremie when he was on the ball. Now, we can understand if you don’t want to clap an opposition player but to boo him and single Jeremie out was a bit silly.

A lot of fans took to social media to call the booing of Frimpong ‘Embarrassing’.

The Bundesliga defender was respectful in his post-match comments.

Jeremie also took selfies with Celtic fans after the game.

Celtic have to shake off the defeat quickly with a trip to Aberdeen already in the offing. While it would have been great to get a result on Thursday night, the bhoys really need to get three points on Sunday.


  1. I have no idea why Frimpong was booed. We picked him up for a song, sold him for a huge profit and he went with most people’s best wishes. Some Celtic supporters need to have a look at themselves.

    • Leaving Celtic isn’t always a betrayal. Young Jeremy was right to leave…we’d probably have ruined him tbh.
      John’s point about the ‘ploughboy’ singing is spot on…it’s pathetic and cringeworthy.

      • I’m sure the irony was lost on you both with John using the term ‘Hun’ whilst shitting into his latte on hearing the Merry Ploughboy

        Don’t forget those booster shots, you cretins.

    • Why would you be ‘Up in arms about it”

      Are you boys ashamed of what the club was built on?

      It’s supporters like you two who are “pathetic and cringeworthy” to borrow a phrase or two.

      Grown men who are offended by a song.

      You boys should check your underwear just in case you may have surreptitiously soiled yourselves.

      • Give yourself a shake, some of us are old enough to remember why we stopped singing ira songs as we watched the bombings against women and children happen. Or having to work in the north where 3 guys called George turn up to tell you if you don’t pay a certain amount every week all your construction site machinery will be gone by Monday morning

        You can’t move forward for this shit, I lived in southern Ireland for over a decade and the vast majority there don’t want to hear it there either, it was amazing what they stood for back over a 100 years ago but that name has been fucked for many a years by scumbags

        Sick of this fucking love in fest with the ira pish like Celtic was built on it, it’s a football club and all it does it give us another reason to hate each other. We demand they stop signing songs and on the same week we’re belting out some songs I hadn’t heard at the ground for 20 or 30 years

      • These #woke nutters need to find something to be offended about on an hourly basis.

        They should buy a tub of Vagisil, all that scratching will drive them to do something they might regret.

  2. Absolutely disgusted with the Celtic fans tonight booing Frimpong some of the celtic support need too get a grip or do one that tonight was unacceptable. Frimpong loves the club he didn’t have any option the board seen the pound signs as per

  3. Nonsense! Frimpong acted just like rodgers did. All gushy to the gullible fans but as soon as he had half a chance was off like a shot!
    It isn’t the fact he left, it was the bs he was spouting days beforehand! To blame Celtic is garbage!
    Like rodgers, it was sheer greed.
    All he needed to do was be honest.

  4. Sadly too many clowns in our support. Frimpong was a breath of fresh air and it was a great deal for the club.
    Probably the same clowns who are more interested in childish irrelevent IRA songs instead of supporting Celtic.
    Grow up, the troubles ended more than a quarter of a century ago.
    Celtic Football Club has absolutely nothing to do with the IRA

    • You worry about getting your booster shots and let the Green Brigade sing the songs that have been sung at Celtic Park for over 100 years.

        • Point out what is offensive about the song The Merry Ploughboy?

          I’ll wait. . . .. . .got time.

          I have no problem with what Sevco fans sing in their own ground, let them at it. I have more important matters that take up my time than a bunch of folk who’s telling me to go home.

          How many people heard that song and thought to themselves ‘I’d better go and pack my bags and return home to Ireland as i have heard around about 50,000 people at a local sports arena vociferously chanting in unison for me to do this?

          How many people?


          Grow a set of nuts for God’s sake.

      • You seem to have an obsession against the vaccine and booster jabs.

        Like all your fellow swivel-eyed numpties, you display your immaturity and stupidity with every other post you make.


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