According to reports down south Tottenham think they have the edge in the race for Moussa Dembele.

However, at this point, we’re not even convinced there’s a race to be run.

Reports last week that Chelsea scouts were still circling the Celtic sensation while the likes of PSG and even Real Madrid watch from a respectful distance it appears Spurs think they will land the French striker this summer.

The amount of money being banded about is £30million but I’d take any mention of a fee that high with a pinch of salt. The fee is as fictitious as Chelsea’s last minute bid in the January window. It’s a number that continues to get banded about in the media, and well, Celtic would be rude to stop them from hyping up their star striker for a price most fans will agree is over inflated.

Spurs have the money and the ambition to land the player, there is no doubting that. However, Moussa has shown that money is not his ultimate motivator. The Celtic striker has put first team football as his number one priority and while he knows there is a lot of interest in him, he’s not keen on moving anywhere that will see him drop to the bench and stifle is progress.

This is where things break down for most Premier League sides who soak up all the young talent on ridiculous amounts of money. They are comfortable paying over £20million for a player then sitting him in the stands all season until the manager sees fit to use them.

Tottenham famously lost out on Moussa Dembele a couple of seasons back when a fee of around £6million was agreed to take the player from Fulham to White hart lane. The deal subsequently broke down and Celtic picked up the pieces last summer when Rodgers signed the prolific striker.

My head tells me there’s a good chance he might leave this summer if an offer of first team football is firmly on the table but my heart says we will have Moussa for at least one more season before moving on.

Nobody has an edge when it comes to Moussa’s signature and the only one that currently matters is the one on his Celtic contract.


  1. For the prices players are being sold for nowadays 30 million isn’t over inflated at all .. gone are the days where English clubs get players from this league for next to nothing I hope .. van dijk left here for 12 and a half million and is now being banded about for 50 mill .. he’s not improved that much in a year .. Thierry Henry hit the nail on the head when he said he couldn’t believe English clubs didn’t fork out for dembele .. well now they are going to fork out a lot more if they want him and we have him on a long term deal now so if he goes.. 30 mill at least .. if he stays all the better because we really have a gem of a footballer

  2. When any good player goes down south they ruin them, they’re either put on the bench or played in a position not regular to the players. They’re just like spoiled millionaires (Buy it and see what it’s like) HH

  3. If Flo was worth 12 million when the Huns bought him and see how many goals he didn’t score,, I don’t think £30 million much to ask for a player as young as Dembele who has proven himself in Europe.. And remember Flo was at the top of his game when he signed for Oldco

  4. to be honest if its true all the top english clubs want him , bayern , psg , even real madrid then 30 million is a joke .

    how many of these teams top players cost only 30 million ?

    let the bidding begin at 50 million .


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