CELTIC Assistant Manager Chris Davies revealed the club could have already had signings in if they weren’t being methodical in who they want to bring in next.

Davies says he understood the fans frustration about the lack of new faces but Brendan Rodgers does not want to bring in people for the sake of it just to appease the restless part of the Celtic Support.

Davies said: “we could have brought in several players already. Comfortably, we could have brought in guys who everyone would know and they’re not right but we got the numbers there and it looks like a busy window, if that’s what you want to call it.

“But that’s not how we want to operate. We’ve bought a couple of guys in and we’re looking for a certain level of quality to improve what we have got.

Rodgers has been hammering this message home all window and many cynical fans see it as the Irishman tempering expectations because the board are unwilling to spend.

We do not believe that to be the case, the manager would love to add to his squad but only if the deal is right.


  1. Davies your a complete clown u and Rodgers r doin my head in u have the money it’s probably goin in lawells pockets like always you r both yes men to him and that clown desmond tae.

  2. So we should just rush out and buy a Bangura, Pukki or Amido Balde simply for the sake of spending money and adding to the squad? You are probably one of those fans who are worried about who sevco are signing!

    Chill out maaaaaaaan.

  3. I just want us to do well in Europe that’s aw would like to see hoops get a playmaker if dembele leaves we are snookered edouard is garbage we only left wi griffs

    • I understand your frustrations Michael as I would like players to be brought in early so they can be bedded in for the CL qualifiers this summer. However, they have to be the RIGHT players. If Brendan has his eye on someone who will make a difference to the team at the right price but isn’t available until the next transfer window then are we better waiting for that quality or should we get in a lesser player now for the Europa League tie?

      In saying all that I truly believe (more fool me!) that we will add a couple more players before Jim White has his final ejaculation at 23.59 hours on January 31st.

  4. Seen to many utter shit players coming in for good money,waiting till the right one is available for the right money is a sound way to do things,as for europe you have to be able to walk before you can run………..Hail Hail


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