CELTIC didn’t mess around with their bid for Scott McKenna according to Record Sport who believe the club went straight in with a bid of £3.5million to land the Scottish International.

Instead of messing around with lower bids, Celtic look to have put their cards on the table from the off on this occasion but were rewarded with a big fat no from the Dons.

The 21-year-old has been in high demand this summer – Swansea and Hull both tried to lure the player away from Pittodrie earlier in the window but were scared off by Aberdeen’s asking price which is believed to be upward of £8million.

There was a time when Aberdeen would have let their players go for a low fee but they are in a strong position to bargain and they know this.

It’s a seller’s market, especially when it comes to Celtic after the summer they’ve had in this transfer window.

The bhoys have come up short on some major deals the manager would have liked to get over the line.

Brendan Rodgers criticism of the board was the lack of urgency or able to get the job done with deals, however, they may get a pass on this one by the Irishman if they refuse to go any higher for McKenna who is somewhat of an unknown quantity.

Celtic haven’t wasted time, they have come in with an offer the thought the player was worth and Aberdeen have rebuffed it.

Celtic should move on.


  1. Here we go again. Aberdeen aren’t selling. That is why the player is on a 5 years contract. They have been quite clear on this. They have said they won’t look at anything under 10 million in any case and the biscuit tin boys come in with 3.5 million. You have to laugh if it’s wasn’t so serious. Never mind testing Aberdeen’s resolve the board are making complete idiots of themselves AGAIN

  2. We need a battle harden seasoned pro to sit in the middle of our defense asp we do not need another work in progress just now as would be Scott McKenna. Get the spine of our team sorted then then develop players around them what we need right now is four battle hardened seasoned pros two defenders two midfielders it needs sorted now.


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