Ever since the football shutdown, we have had a templated of headline and article that reads – [Insert name here] says Celtic’s Title is tainted. It’s as predictable as it is boring.

The latest [Insert name here] was Gareth McCauley (No, me either) telling us a Celtic side who were thirteen points clear at the top of the table with ten days to go somehow didn’t deserve the title. Why? Because it hurts, it hurts to think that had his team not imploded it could have been them.

There’s no business sense in any of a certain mindset saying anything different because they will use these quotes to get booked for after-dinner events and TV slots when football is back on the menu.

After McCauley rolled out the lines about Celtic to the paper, Jim White was sure to have him on TalkSport to give us his hot spicy take on proceedings.

Upon seeing what was going on, former footballer Trevor Sinclair thought he’s troll Jim White by letting him know ten in a row is only a year away or 52 Thursday claps, as he puts it in the meme.


  1. Just shows us what to expect when sky let this bigoted biased presenter loose for the new season? I always thought they were not meant to show favouritism to any one team, but with the garbage coming from them recently I am seriously considering cancelling my sky sports subscription.🍀💚HAIL HAIL.


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