Former England International and Celtic daft ex-pro Trevor Sinclair has upset a few Arsenal fans on his social media page after he commented on the Tierney situation.

Arsenal have been chasing the defender for over a week and are looking to bring the Celtic defender to London this summer. A bid of £15m has already been rejected by Celtic with the Gunners now assessing their options.

However, Sinclair put it very nicely when it came to Tierney’s options.

Silverware and Champions League nights or he could play for Arsenal…

While this might have irked Arsenal fans there’s nothing that’s factually incorrect about Sinclair’s statement.

Arsenal finished 5th in the English Premier League and will not be participating in the Champions League next term. Celtic have to fight through four qualifiers to get there but it’s entirely doable.

Arsenal have been in no man’s land for years and while Emery tries to recruit in order to change that there are no guarantees the manager will make the difference. If he doesn’t the manager will find himself out of a job.



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