Celtic take on St Johnstone this afternoon in a must-win game for the club.

After the scenes of last Sunday when fans protested after the humiliating defeat to Toss County, the club have taken incredible measures to keep Celtic fans out.

There were people at the protest who took it too far but they were certainly not indicative of the protest as a whole or how the majority of the Celtic fans are feeling right now.

However, the club has chosen to erect a steel fence perimeter around the ground and as the game approaches a heavy police presence which looks like a normal match day where they expect over 50k to attend.

It’s a sad enrichment of where we’re at and how the club’s decision making is going. If you’re having to take these measures to keep out a fanbase who have shown immense loyalty this season; season ticket and merchandise sales have certainly been welcomed by the Celtic board but criticism hasn’t.

The images above trouble me as they should every Celtic supporter.


  1. The fans done this not celtic. Our fans have became just as bad as the huns, an absolute disgrace. Throwing objects at our players and manager they were more of an embarrassment to celtic than that result ever was. You arseholes can keep brushing over it like it was nothing but this was needed. Extreme loyalty my arse glory hunting thug bastards.

  2. Come on Lawwell ya tight prick get that clown in the office and get him sacked now ya muppet,Dermot this can’t go on get yourself a clued up ceo as this team’s continually embarrassing the good name of this famous club.


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