Some supporters will be well aware of the talent we have in our youth system.

The only problem is, there’s no real chance for them to progress as players at the minute. No competitive games and just training day after day to no end.

However, if there’s any frustrations from the players themselves, Barry Coffey isn’t showing it.

The 19-year-old midfielder sent out a message to his social media following with the simple caption ‘trust the process’.

Barry is held in high regard around the youth scene at Celtic. He faces the same challenges as the likes of Dembele and Henderson; tryi to make the breakthrough into the first team with no competitive games to prove himself as well as the lack of opportunity.

This season is so massive, we’d be surprised if many youth players got a look in. It takes a brave man to put a young, untried player into the mix.

We hope Barry can make the breakthrough in the next 12 months and show what he’s all about.


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