It’s all kicking off at Arsenal.

Mikel Arteta has stripped Aubameyang of the Arsenal captained after a third breach of disciplinary rules.

Since the news broke, Arsenal fans have been having their say with plenty in their support being very forthright in the opinion Kieran Tierney should be the next captain of the London club.

The fans love Kieran Tierney on the field for his obvious talent but over and above that – his genuine passion for the game. You don’t see a lot of Kieran Tierney’s about. This lad gives you everything, every game and many supporters recognise that.

Kieran is unlikely to get the armband because Mikel Arteta hasn’t even seen the former Hoops hero as a first team starter at certain points this season.

Tierney captained a Celtic side in the absence of Scott Brown earlier in his career – there’s no doubt he’d be up for it.


  1. I heard he injured hs arm at the weekend counting his money and is a doubt for tomorrow night’s match against West Ham.

    Surely with the amount of money he’s got he would employ someone to do the counting?

    But you have the spectre of theft hanging over the counting process if Tierney himself is not present when the counting of the monies is ongoing.

    A solution to this problem would be for Tierney to lie in a hammock watching those counting the money as he is being fed grapes from a complicated mechanical device that is being manipulated by a scantily clad woman from Skye while another scantily clad nubile from Uist fans him with a large leaf from a palm tree as four unknown people stand in a darkened corner wearing Druid capes chant

    “We are counting the monies, We are counting the monies, We are counting the monies” ad infinitum while a dim red orb gives an intermittent pulse of red light .

  2. Arsenal fans should be careful what they wish for . Kieran Tierney may even swear allegiance to Arsenal for another 4 yrs He may hug his EBT laden manager but K T has only one person in mind , Tierney would sign for Spurs in the next window if it gave him temporary monetary gain . Man is complete egotist & certainly too much of a me man to be a team player


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