I think we all need to take a breath after that game.

The young Celtic players who were given the opportunity tonight certainly gave the support and the management food for thought.

There’s one man who was head and shoulders above the rest and he grabbed an assist and a goal for his troubles – David Turnbull!

The lad was putting in positive set pieces, setting up Jullien for Celtic’s first goal of the evening from the corner spot. The energy and direct nature of Celtic’s play was a joy to watch and not the usual slow, frustrating, lacklustre stuff we’ve been served up for most of the season.

It wasn’t a perfect performance but it was one which showed heart and passion.

Celtic fans will be wondering why some of these players weren’t given an outing before now.

There’s no way Turnbull doesn’t start for Celtic on Sunday against Kilmarnock. He has made it impossible for Neil Lennon not to put his name on the team sheet.

Soro was also a bundle of energy and was everywhere to stop challenges, get in the way and be a general nuisance.

A win for Celtic this late in the competition gives us a wee bit of pride back.


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