UEFA have this afternoon confirmed a large meeting will take place between themselves and the 55 associations on Wednesday to discuss the task force findings into how best to proceed with the football calendar.

It has been two weeks since their initial meeting where UEFA made a point of telling leagues they should look to finish their remaining fixtures before the end of June.

With this looking less and less likely due to the outbreak being so debilitating in many countries, hard and tough decisions will have to be made.

It’s unclear if we’ll get anything definitive out of this meeting but perhaps some clarity on what the end of the season might look like.

The SPFL will be on the call which could impact on their thinking going forward.

We await to see the results of the meeting but surely we’ll see an end to this June deadline.


  1. Due to financial implications, UEFA will dictate that all leagues under their jurisdiction will award titles and relegation based on present standings. This must happen for the status of teams in the Champions League and Europa league to allow the 2020-2021 tournaments to be organised. Clubs like Hearts claim that they will go to court if this happens, good luck to them, as the financial might of UEFA will overpower them in a flash.


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