These two go hand in hand but we reported earlier how Celtic were one of only 15 clubs in European football to achieve an aggregate attendance of over 1million supporters over the 18/19 season.

In the same UEFA document, Celtic crop up again when it comes to gate receipt. The Scottish Champions are 16th on the table pulling in €42m in home revenue – the same as Roma and Dortmund.

UEFA pinpoint this and elite group of 20 counts for 48% of ALL European top division gate receipts.

The top 20 includes seven English clubs, four Spanish clubs, three Italian clubs, three German clubs, two French clubs and one Scottish club. Together, these 20 clubs generated €1,501m in gate receipts in FY2018, which is equivalent to 48% of all European top-division gate receipts.

Celtic have a year on year increase of 15% and unsurprisingly have the highest percentage of total club revenue from gate receipt; counting for 36% of all revenue. Manchester City have the lowest percentage when it comes to overall income at just 11%.

Celtic’s estimated gate per match is €1.2m according to UEFA.

It’s great to see Celtic on this list but it’s a little disheartening how big a percentage gates are to our overall revenue, which is under the average for the top 20. It highlights the disparity in money between Scotland and bigger leagues – however, it should not be taken for granted how much of an achievement it is for Celtic to have these sorts of numbers.


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