Celtic’s Europa League opponents, FK Sarajevo have been forced to change the venue of Thursday night’s crucial tie.

The Bosnian side usually plays their games at the Asim Ferhatoci Hase Stadium but according to the UEFA Website, Thursday’s game will be played at the Bilino Poljoe stadium, which is the home to NK Celik and it one of two stadiums used by the Bosnian national side.

This change has reportedly been made because Sarajevo’s current ground does not meet the requirements for UEFA standard stadium at this stage of the competition.

Celtic did play their Europa League opponents at their home ground in the 1st round of Champions League qualifying last season, coming out 3-1 winners. This time though, the home side will be forced to travel further 43 miles away.

Some may see this as a bit more of advantage to Celtic. Sarajevo will be used to playing on their home pitch every week, so going to a neutral ground may suit Celtic a bit more.



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